Makerspace Project Plans

Good meeting this morning! Think we’ve solidified project plans a little:

– makerspace (focus on tech arts / textile arts)
– co-working space
– if possible, artist residency (prob. separate building)
– if possible, low-income artist housing (above?)

We’re going to put together a draft proposal in the next few weeks that we can submit to potential funders, including a draft budget. We’re dividing into three phases:

Phase 1: essentially free (free space, tools we already own)
Phase 2: relatively cheap (rent space, buy tools) — could start with about 1000 – 1200 sq. ft.
Phase 3: expensive (buy building)


Plan for rest of day — take kids to swim lesson, maybe open swim with them afterwards. Come home, maybe do some gardening — move / divide perennials, plant tulips. Type up meeting notes while still fresh. Maybe work on LeGuin essay. Maybe just goof off 🙂

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