Random Ideas for the Makerspace

Random makerspace writing area thought — in addition to a Little Free Library wall, maybe ‘leave a notebook / pen, take a notebook / pen’ bins? Is that a weird concept?

I just feel like my house has filled up with random little notebooks and random pens, and it’d be nice to have a place to put them and maybe community members might find it convenient to grab one from there…


Other random idea — poetry booth at the Farmer’s Market. For $1, one of our poets will write you a poem on the spot, on the subject of your choice, that you get to take away with you. Good advertising for writing classes, also good for the soul.


Hm. For the makerspace grant proposals, I’d really love to include some artist sketches of what the space would look like. Wonder if it’s worth raising a little money in advance to pay an artist to do those.


Refinement of Little Free Art Supplies idea — bins inside the makerspace for main collection, on a wall with free crafting books as well. But outside near the sidewalk, a LFL-style house on a post, so that people can leave and take supplies without even coming inside. Makerspace staff can check the outside space in the morning, bringing in anything that seems like it would benefit from categorization (specialized tools, etc.) (And a sign that says, “If you want to donate something that won’t fit in the box, stop by during open hours or call / e-mail us at:”)

Building communal trust, creating an inviting environment that says ‘this place is for you.’

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