Wider call for Makerspace involvement

I’ve been having gazillion meetings about the makerspace in the last few weeks, mostly with locals in the area — artists, local elected and former elected, possible funders, etc. I think I’m ready to put out a wider call, so here are a few things:

a) if you’re in the spec fic field and interested in helping me think about who in our genre might be interested in helping us build a strong speculative arts component to this project, please get in touch! I’m thinking Meow Wolf, I’m thinking 826 Valencia, I’m thinking strange alien creatures hanging from the ceiling and rocket ships in the bathroom. I want to encourage everyone who comes into our space to dream of bigger possibilities, fantastic futures. If you have ideas or just want to be part of that conversation, e-mail mohanraj@mamohanraj.com, subject line MAKERSPACE SPEC ARTS.

b) If you’re interested in helping me think about funding (grants and donors), I’d LOVE to hear from you. I’d like to start soliciting private (largish) pledges of donations. Maybe you know someone who might want a room (or a building) named after them? I’d love to talk. We’ll be doing more grass-roots fundraising as well, of the $1 – $500 donation level, but not quite yet. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter! The more we can raise, the more we can offer sliding-scale, scholarships, and completely free components to the project. If you’d like to be part of the fundraising conversation, or just have a tip or two for me, e-mail mohanraj@mamohanraj.com, subject line MAKERSPACE FUNDING

c) if you’re in the Oak Park area, and would like to be involved with this project on the organizational / administrative end, drop me a line? mohanraj@mamohanraj.com, subject line MAKERSPACE ADMINISTRATION. I’d particularly like to hear from people with convention running experience, class scheduling or department administrating experience, financial planning experience, etc.

d) if you’re in the Oak Park area and interested in possibly being a workshop / class teacher, or a mentor, or a tutor, please drop me a line? mohanraj@mamohanraj.com, subject line MAKERSPACE TEACHING. We’re starting to put together a roster of possible teachers and mentors, and I’d like to get a solid listing of that together. No commitment needed right now!

Whew. That’s probably enough for now. Feel free to comment below, too, with any thoughts, even if you just want to cheer me on. 

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