The Makery @ Bridge Artspace
The Makery @ Hearth Artspace
The Makery @ Maram Artspace
The Makery @ Kriti Artspace

We’re going to try to pin down the name of the makerspace today. Someone suggested The Makery, which it turns out has been used a bunch, unsurprisingly, but maybe that doesn’t matter — there’s a lot to like about it — easy to say, clear, etc. We’re still thinking either Bridge Artspace or Hearth Artspace or Maram Artspace or Kriti Artspace for the overall project. Or Make. Or Arts.

Make @ Bridge Artspace
Make @ Hearth Artspace
Make @ Maram Artspace
Make @ Kriti Artspace

I really hate naming things. Sometimes the perfect name just emerges out of nowhere, but mostly, they don’t. Naming Strange Horizons was a long conversation. Clean Sheets and Jaggery were a bit easier. All the books were hard. Sigh.

The Makery @ Bridge Arts
The Makery @ Hearth Arts
The Makery @ Maram Arts
The Makery @ Kriti Arts

Anyway, feel free to opine some more. We’re going to have a planning meeting at noon today, and will hopefully pin this down one way or another.

Make @ Bridge Arts
Make @ Hearth Arts
Make @ Maram Arts
Make @ Kriti Arts


And what about acronyms?

MAKA: Make @ Kriti Arts
MAKE: Make @ Kriti Artspace

(Can you use the ‘e’ at the end of art space that way?)

Preliminary graphic. It is a photograph of pine trees, at an extreme angle, with a green circle in the middle. In white letters, it says Maram Makery: An Oak Park Area Artspace.

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