I like making beautiful things.

I was trying to explain to Kavi why I make all this stuff and sell it, because I surely don’t get rich on it. I had a great selling day today, and took in around $450 in 6 hours, which is a lot for me, but when you factor in even the cost of supplies, there’s not that much profit, and if you factor in my time making and hauling and selling (and paying Kavi her little salary) — well, let’s not discuss how much red ink that is!

The main reason is that I just like making beautiful things. I like it so much. And especially when I am stuck on a story (or, admittedly, procrastinating / avoiding writing), it is very satisfying to put my hands to work and MAKE something, whether it’s food or soap or art.

Someone at today’s fair said to me that my house must be like a tiny makerspace. Yup, that’s about it. 🙂 Making brings joy.

I do have to work on the balance between making & resting, and also, my back is aching a lot right now and I plan to spend much time on the sofa in the hours to come, but still. Net positive! Also was super-fun saying hi to lots of neighbors I mostly know through Facebook! (Hello, neighbors! It’s going to take me forever to learn your names, because my memory is terrible! Sorry! Just keep reminding me, please!)

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