Maram Makerspace Updates

BIG IDEA: The big thing is that we did submit the Big Idea Grant on time! Big thanks to everyone who worked on it, especially Laura, Pam W., and Carollina — Carollina took over from me when I left the country on the 23rd and made sure a beautiful clean copy was submitted. We should hear back in a month or so on whether we made the finals. We’ll start the process of applying for other grants soon, but there are a few other things to do first. If you’re interested in being on the Grants Committee, please let me know — I’d like to have 3-4 people working on those on an ongoing basis.

WINTER PLANNING MEETINGS: I think we’d said Tuesday evening was a good time for core people to meet — if that’s right, then next Tuesday, 1/15, would work for me. 6-8 p.m., and I’ll have a simple dinner of some kind here, probably soup, salad, and sandwiches. (Let me know if you have dietary restrictions, please.) Please RSVP if you plan to be here so I can be sure to have enough food. Carollina had also offered to host a meeting, so perhaps we can do the February one at her place? Please save Feb 12 and Mar 12 in your calendars.

(If you’re not already on our core planning board or advisory board, but think you might want to get more involved, please let me know — I’d love to have you come to a meeting and talk about it more. We’re going to try to keep the process as open and transparent as possible.)

JANUARY WORKSHOP: I’m a little behind my own schedule on this, but I think there’s still enough time to put this together for the last weekend in January and publicize it. I’ve found some free scheduling software that I think will be a big help in getting us a clean professional look. I’ll be working on this either later today or tomorrow, so expect more soon. I’m also adding a small creativity retreat this Sunday at my place, with a portion of funds going to the makerspace. Will send details on all of those soon, once I’ve confirmed with all the teachers, basically.

If you’re interested in being on the Programming Committee, please let me know — I’d like to have 3-4 people working on those on an ongoing basis.

 I’d also LOVE to have a few people on Webmaster duty; if you’re familiar with WordPress and can help out with that, let me know. (I can also train you — WordPress basics are very straightforward.)

I think that’s it for now — more soon! Please comment if you have any questions, and again, thanks for all your work so far! Part of my own homework for the month is learning how to use two new tech tools — a 3D printer and an Instapot. Will be fun!

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