Thank you party for Makerspace!

We had a little thank-you party for the people who worked on the maker space project last fall — my first actual cocktail party, I think! It was really silly fun, putting gummy bears on toothpicks, sugaring cranberries, etc.

It’s been so great working with these folks, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where we take things. (Pictured first: Kurt and Gayle Hedlund (engineer and gardener), Pamela Penney (textile artist), Alix Mikesell(jeweler). Pam Whitehead (my favorite general contractor, who’s been advising on the project), just visible in the background. Then last photo, Teri Blain — Teri, I need a short descriptor for you, because ‘woman who does everything’ doesn’t really fit in this sort of thing. 🙂 )

We’re waiting on the Big Idea grant proposal now, to see if we made the finalists (it’ll be a few weeks before we know), and I’m setting up a workshop for the end of January — purpose-building circles, fresh pasta-making, up-cycle jewelry-making, and more! Locals, you should let me know if you want to be on the mailing list. I should make FB page too. Things to do…

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