Workshop tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the makerspace workshop and all I want to do is experiment with tasty foodstuffs to put out for people to nibble in between writing great SF, learning to code, cooking fresh pasta, etc.

I was going to go make some more shortbread for Valentine’s Day sale — honeyed pistachio, rosewater, and lime, and passionfruit-ginger — and if I made them now, I could put some out tomorrow and freeze the rest until the sale.

I had an idea for cherry marshmallows dipped in chocolate and dusted with dehydrated cherries. I want to do another batch of passionfruit marshmallows, just ’cause I love them so. I still want to experiment with another try at vegan marshmallows, this time using actual marshmallow root.

But I don’t actually HAVE to cook — I already picked up cheese and fruit and prosciutto and juice and prosecco, plus of course we have masses of tea and coffee and hot chocolate, so there’s really plenty to put out for snacks.

What I am actually going to do is turn off FB and go deal with my e-mail. Maybe some cooking play this evening, though, if I am good.

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