Maram Makerspace has made the finals for the Big Idea grant!

So here’s my formal announcement that Maram Makerspace has made the finals for the Big Idea grant! It’s a $50,000 community entrepreneurship grant, and we’re so excited to see this kind of promising support for our project. I can’t possibly thank everyone who was involved, but particular thanks go to Carollina Song, David Dumas, and Laura Hsieh, who were critical in shaping our grant proposal.

Next steps — we’re getting together a pitch to present at the Big Idea pitch party coming up in March — it’s sort of a Shark Tank thing, where the finalists present for five minutes each in front of a live audience. It’s going to be a fun night, and if you’d like to attend, they sell tickets! March 13th at Wire (in Berwyn) — Tickets are limited, so get them soon!

Buy tickets at:

It’d be great to have a big crowd there in support to cheer us on, so do come if you can — if you know you’re coming and can let me know, we’ll save you a seat so we can all sit together. 🙂

Aside from that, we’re progressing well, with a successful workshop in January (hope you saw the photos on our FB page — we’ll be setting up a separate website this month too, and solidifying our newsletter and social media presence (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)), and plans for upcoming workshops on Feb 23rd weekend and March 24th. Cooking, writing, 3D printing, and more! If you’d like to get involved with planning, do let me know — this is an open community project.

Here’s our new tagline, if you need to explain to people what the project is:

Maram Makerspace bridges the gap between the desire and the means to create. We bring together people, knowledge, and tools (physical & digital), sparking inspiration and building a collaborative, inclusive, community hub.



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