Concept: Six-week long cooking classes

Thinking about organizing six-week cooking classes for the makerspace. Six-week classes are great for us, since they’ll require less organizational time than scheduling six separate workshops, even if we have multiple instructors. A few possibilities, just spitballing:

International Cuisine: Six days of different countries (multiple instructors). Each 2.5-hr class will teach you to make 2-3 dishes from the country, sufficient for a well-rounded meal. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labors at the end of class, with a taster to take home afterwards, and recommendations for cookbooks from each cuisine for future exploration. You’ll also get a packet of spice mixes from each region to help you get started!

Easy Weeknight Dinners: 6 classes will teach you how to make 12 dinners. Each 2.5 hr class will teach you to make two different quick dinners that incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables. While the course overall isn’t vegetarian, vegetarian variations will be suggested for each dinner, and also how you might increase spice levels as desired. The base dinners will be not spicy at all.

Intro to Breads: Six different yeasted breads + six different quick breads (multiple instructors). Each 2.5-hr class will teach you to make two different breads? (I’m not quite sure how to structure this one, since I’m not really a bread-maker.)

Protein-Rich Salads & Bowls: As summer approaches, learn how to make six different salads that are packed with proteins. (I don’t know much about this either, but it’s a class I’d be interested in taking, esp. from someone with some nutrition background.)


Keep in mind that to make these fair pay for instructors and cover space costs, we’d need to price them at $365 each or so for the course, so we need to make sure they’re substantial enough that it feels worthwhile. Possibly plus a small fee for groceries.

What of these sound appealing? What else might you like to see in a six-week class?

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