The Big Idea pitch party is tomorrow

The Big Idea pitch party is tomorrow. This morning I dragged the projector and screen up from the basement and ran my pitch with my pitch partner several times, editing out words and adding in other words (“remember to say ‘vibrant!'”).

This afternoon I have gotten my eyebrows done and nails painted (deep blue), picked out some possible clothes to wear, and added some dark purple to my hair, to go with the blue, and also the black. My daughter said, “So you’re going to look like a galaxy?” and I said, “Yes, that’s the basic idea.”

Always look like a galaxy if you can.

I am now going back to grading, which has been the drumbeat of the last few days, the grading, because there is somehow so much of it right now, which maybe means I should assign fewer things? But I’m a little grateful for the grading now too, because it is keeping me so busy between now and tomorrow @ 6:15 p.m., that I can’t quite panic straight through.

Well, maybe the panic is there, under the surface. But I can drown it out with essays about race and gender and whether we can ever build an equitable community under the shadow of colonialism. Oh look, this is not so dissimilar to some of what we hope to do with this maker space of ours; the shadows are somewhat different, but the bright hopes are the same, and here we are again, panicking a little.

$50,000. Fifty THOUSAND dollars. That’s a lot of dollars. We could do something amazing with those dollars. We’ll see what happens.


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