Thoughts welcome on taking donations

A few people have asked how they can contribute to the makerspace (THANK YOU!), and I’m a little unclear on what the best approach is. For various work reasons, I probably can’t run a Maram Kickstarter until June (which would also give us time to prepare a proper fundraiser) — but maybe I should set up a Drip / PayPal or an Indiegogo campaign now, or both, just so we can start taking donations? Thoughts welcome!


I’m also unclear on whether there’s any benefit to doing Drip rather than PayPal at this point, given that Kickstarter has handed off Drip to somebody else, and aren’t supporting it as strongly as they did initially. We still have Drip in place for the SLF, but maybe PayPal is simpler, since I think with PayPal, people can easily do either per-month or single-time donations? If anyone has any info on this, or even opinions on which you find easier, prefer, etc., that’d be great.


(The SLF is serving as fiscal sponsor for Maram right now, so we can take tax-deductible donations in the U.S., and one of my tasks for next week is to open a fund for the SLF at the Oak Park Community Foundation, so we can accept stock donations as well. We’ll be doing Maram’s incorporation process shortly, although we have to answer a question first, which is whether to do it solely as a non-profit, or whether to do it with two arms, the for-profit (which might attract investors) and the non-profit (which would manage the sliding-scale and scholarship portion of this). That’s probably a whole ‘other post, actually.)

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