Concept: Photo permission nametags

Photo permission note from a conversation this morning: A conference I was told about gave people the option of red lanyards, which signified that they didn’t want their photos publicized if they were in group shots.

We’re thinking of doing something similar for our local Maram and SLF events where we have paper name tags — green dots for ok-to-photograph, red dots for not-ok. May be useful as a concept going forward?

[EDITING TO NOTE because many people have mentioned it in comments: red-green is an issue for color-blindness, but red-teal is fine, and there are colorblind-safe color guides online, so if you’re doing this, use that. You can also reinforce with using two different shapes, like star and circle.]

I’d like to see these standardized for SF conventions.

(Note: the lanyards are preferable for visibility, but for smaller, more casual events where we don’t have budget for lanyards, the dots are at least something. A lot of the Maram events are 5-15 people, for example, such as a cooking workshop, so we’re just using the peel-and-stick name tags.)

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