Plant ID meetup?

Plant ID session? So, I’ve been doing creativity / productivity retreats at my house on Tuesdays this month, as part of the Maram Makerspace events. $10 sliding scale, which covers snacks / coffee / tea for the day. Link in comments. But here’s the relevant bit…

…we’ve hit the point of the year where newer gardeners are wanting to identify what’s coming up. Since my house is semi-open that day anyway, I’d be happy to do something next Tuesday where I walked around my yard for an hour and told people what things were. I don’t know everything, but after 10 years here, I know a fair bit. The back yard is still sort of messy, but the front is mostly in good shape at this point. 🙂

Would people be interested? This would be free, just a meet-up, not officially part of the retreat thing.

If so, I’m thinking Tuesday 4/16, maybe 1-2, and then could do again in the evening, 6-7, for people who have day jobs? If you’d come, note below, and note which time? I live near the Y, the blue and purple Victorian.

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