Concept: the tiniest of summer camps

Okay, here’s a research question for you all. Let’s say Anand really wants to basically hang out in the woods and maybe make art this summer. Let’s say I’m good with helping him do that for a week or two. Let’s say I’d be fine with having some other kids around for it, and he’d undoubtedly have more fun that way. Let’s say Maram could be the organizer for it, and hey, now we have the tiniest of summer camps.

(Let us say we have vague thoughts of doing the same with board games, and with creative writing, and with SCA foam sword-fighting.)

What do I need to know about supervising and being in charge of other peoples’ children for say 3 hours / day, possibly in the woods, for a week? Legally, health-wise, etc. Is there a guide somewhere to this kind of thing?

I assume there’s some point when casual stuff translates into more formal regulated things, and I’d like to know more about where that line is, so I can do it right. (Like, does ADA apply for this? I don’t know what’d be involved with managing a kid using a wheelchair in the woods, for example.)

Maram will have insurance when we’re in an actual space, which might be within a month or two, but I don’t know how that applies to off-site activities. We haven’t worried about it for writing classes in my house, but we know that’s a piece of the budget moving forward, and esp. if kids are involved…?

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