Planning meeting with Amanda and Meghan

Had good Maram meeting today, got things done, yay, thanks, Amanda and Meghan. Amanda’s moving along nicely on the website, and should have something solid in place by next week to show you all. For programming, we’re committing to creativity / productivity retreats every Tuesday 8-4, from tomorrow to the end of April. We’ll have ticketing up for those soon, starting with next week’s. (Tomorrow’s, you can just come.) $5 to cover snacks, coffee, tea. Meghan’s going to start scheduling some info sessions at the library, and also get all our volunteers set up on Discord and Trello, so make communications easier.

We are planning to try a Discord work session @ 1 on Wednesday, see how that works for us; I’m finding those really helpful for the Sigiriya working groups.

Amanda has kindly taken on the treasurer position for now, though long-term, we’d like more of an actual finance / budget person in that role. But immediate needs at the moment!

We’ve realized that we could really use a secretary for Maram, because none of us are good about taking minutes during meetings and we should start doing that. If you’d like to do that, let me know? (These are all volunteer positions for now, and probably for a long time to come!)

It’d be a very low-stress position, but would be ideal for someone who has a flexible schedule, and can easily duck out during the weekday / weekend / evenings for meetings, or at least meet with us on Zoom / Discord if they can’t easily leave the house. Maybe 1-4 hrs / week? If you can take good notes, you are the person for this!

If you can help us out as a secretary for a few months, let me know!


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