Creativity/productivity retreat today

Another creativity / productivity retreat here today. I’m planning to mostly work on the cookbook (which means I’ll be cooking some Sri Lankan food this morning to photograph and will serve it at lunch), possibly interspersed with a little gardening (getting in the dahlias and such in the backyard). I promised the layout person the book today, come hell or high water — I need to finish the photos, add a colophon page, and then I think we’re good to go? Eep.

I know Janea is coming by around 10; not sure if anyone else is, because given this weekend’s events, advertising this kind of fell off my radar, but that’s okay. The nice thing about hosting these is that it helps keep me focused on my own work, whether or not anyone else shows up.

I do have to note, though, that we are inexplicably out of coffee, which is unacceptable; I may need to run out and pick some up. So if you arrive and I’m not here, just let yourself in — I’ll be back in 20!

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