Narrowing down workshop list for summer

Folks, I need to figure out my summer schedule, and part of that is deciding what classes or workshops I might teach for Maram. Can I poll you? I’ll figure out pricing once I know what I’m doing, but per usual, figure roughly $25 / class, with sliding-scale and scholarships available. $5 for the retreats!

Please select all you’d potentially take — I won’t be teaching ALL of these, and this will help me narrow it down. 🙂



1) Creative Writing Camp – kids 6th – 12th grade (one week, mornings)

2) Speculative Fiction Worldbuilding (one Saturday afternoon)

3) Writing Speculative Fiction Class (six weekday evenings)


4) Board Game Jam – mixed age (little kids ages 5- 10 free, but each little kid must be accompanied by an adult who is registered) (one Saturday afternoon)

5) Board Game Jam Camp – kids 8-16 (one week, afternoons)

6) Creativity / Productivity Retreat (10 – 4, weekday)

7) Creativity / Productivity Retreat (10 – 4, weekend)


8) Sri Lankan Cooking Workshop (one weekend afternoon)

9) Sri Lankan Cooking Class (six weekend afternoons)


10) Botanical Art Workshops (soap-making, bookmarks, jewelry, pressed flower cards (one weekend day, can sign up for individual workshops or whole day)

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