Explaining Maram: Sharing the joy of making with the community

I’m trying to get better at explaining what Maram is. How is this?


I’d love to invite y’all to join the Maram Makerspace FB group / like our page / sign up for our newsletter. Maram is a new non-profit project, that hopes to share the joy of making with the community, lowering costs and making access to skills and tech more available to Oak Parkers and our neighbors.

We define making very broadly, though we’re particularly interested in areas such as futurist tech, traditional handcrafting skills, and sustainable making. We’ve offered workshops in 3D printing, coding, cooking, writing, textile arts and more! While most of our workshops are geared towards adults, some are open to kids, generally if accompanied by an adult.

We’re currently actively looking for a space, and hope to be in one by the fall, at which point we’ll also be offering memberships for those who want to use the space for co-working.

Expect to see a Kickstarter within the next few months, to help with start-up costs; we’ll also be accepting donations of tech and equipment / furniture, and are always looking for volunteers to work on the project with us. (We’re all volunteers!) Maram is sponsored by the SLF, a 501(c)3 non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible.

We have a few Tea and Textiles meet-ups coming up, the next two Saturdays afternoons in June, and some writing / creativity / productivity retreats on weekdays.

You can sign up for those here: https://www.eventcombo.com/o/maram-makerspace-organizer-333…

Please also save the date for our MakerFaire at the main library, an opportunity to drop in and try out some of our different activities: Sunday, August 25, 2-5, Veterans Room.

Learn more at our website: www.marammakerspace.com

Newsletter sign-up:

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=532627290547230

Facebook page:

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