Maram retreat

A little bit of a slow start, but we’re settled into the Maram writing / creativity / productivity retreat. It’s 10-3 today at house; do feel free to drop by, locals. (The next one is next Wed, the 26th). I’ve sent the kids to the park up the street to meet with friends; they are unsupervised, but Kavi has her cell and can call if they run into issues; she also has two other 12-year-old friends with her, so I think they should be fine. I am talking myself into this, because this is the first time I’ve let them do this unsupervised. They will be fine.

The plan is that around 11:30, Kevin will go and walk them up to the library (about a mile away, I think, and in theory, they could do that bit by themselves too, but I’d like them to practice it with a grown-up a few times first). I told him he could just drop them there for an hour, but he thinks he’ll probably just stay there and work. Then either he takes them to grab lunch out somewhere, or walks them back here, or I go pick them up and bring them here. Then they play (quietly) upstairs; the electronics go back on at 1 p.m., so they can do video games if they want.

And I keep writing, and around 1-2-ish, Teri, who is here, has promised to teach me how to do drop-spinning, so that will be cool. And at 3, the retreat ends, and I take the kids to the pool for a few hours. Probably Rehm, so that if they want to stay for a while, they can — Ridgeland closes at 4:15, but Rehm is open ’til 8.

It’s a little complex, combining writing and kid-minding and retreat-hosting, but I think we’re good. 🙂

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