Monthly “Who Are We?” Post

Once a month, I’m trying to do a little explanatory post about Maram! 

So, a group of us (more volunteers are welcome!) have been working on a new non-profit org, that’s trying to open up a local makerspace in the Oak Park area, covering the areas of tech, textiles, writing, cooking, and gardening. 

We were finalists for the Big Idea Grant, and while we didn’t win, we’ve raised some funds from generous donors to help get us off the ground. We hope to lower costs and barriers to making, so that we can share skills and help give Oak Parkers and our neighbors more access to tech and resources.

We’re in the process of securing a space where members can use shared machines and enjoy co-working on creative pursuits; we’re also planning on have free days where anyone can just stop by and be introduced to 3D printing, lasercutting, sewing and embroidery machines, and more — but in the meantime, we’ve started offering workshops, with more coming this fall. 

Do you want to learn more about canning or kombucha-making? Maybe 3D print your own vase design, or some cute animal hooks for your child’s room? Take a free workshop and learn to crochet or knit? Try some fiction writing or memoir? All of those, and lots more, are coming; we’ll be posting our fall schedule very soon. Get in early, as some things do fill up! 

(Since we’re a non-profit, we have full scholarships and sliding scale available — please don’t hesitate to take advantage of that. Funds raised go to pay our instructors a fair rate, and if there’s any left, it goes towards securing a permanent space, but what we really want is to share the joy of making with as many people as possible. (If you’re interested in donating to us, donations are tax-deductible, and I’d love to talk to you!))

Check out our MakerFaire at the main library, Sunday, August 25, 2-5, and join our FB group (or sign up for the newsletter), to stay informed about upcoming talks, demos, workshops, and courses.

If you’re interested in teaching for us, details are on our website! And if you’re interested in helping organize, drop me a note (PM or e-mail,, and I’ll be sure to include you in the next planning meeting.

Maram Makerspace FB group:

Maram Makerspace FB page:

Website (with newsletter sign-up too):

(And as a bonus, some of us are gamers / interested in game design, so we’ve set up a little Maram Makerspace gaming affinity group too, which you can find here:— we’ll be doing some board gaming soon!)

This week’s Maram events at our house, 332 Wisconsin, Oak Park: 

Wednesday 7/17: 10-3, Maram Creativity / Productivity Retreat ($5)
Wednesday 7/17: 3 – 4:30, Maram Planning Meeting (all are welcome)
Saturday 7/20: 2 – 3, Maram Info Session (learn about us! all are welcome)
Saturday 7/20: 3 – 5, Tea and Textiles (free)  
Saturday 7/20: 5 – 10, Board Game Potluck (free)

Please RSVP if attending. 

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