• What is a makerspace? A space that brings together people, knowledge, and tools (physical & digital) to spark inspiration, bridge the gap between the desire and the means to create, and build a collaborative, inclusive, community hub.
  • How do I become a member? As soon as have a physical location, we intend to offer multiple levels of membership, such as casual social membership, tool-access membership, and artisan membership. More on this soon!
  • Can I rent space with you? As soon as we have a physical location, we’d love to rent you space for events, meetings, or simple workspace. Please contact our director, Mary Anne Mohanraj, if you’re interested in Maram space rental, as it will help us solidify what kind of physical space we’re looking for.
  • What tools do you have? Currently we have a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, sewing machine, serger, and rigid heddle loom. In the future we plan to add a laser cutter, CNC machine, embroidery machine, and more.

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